MSO Remanufacture Page

Typical Before Pictures

After Remanufacture

Some things from the past never lose their importance. The MSO (Multiple Secondary Operations) machine has been performing secondary tasks cost effectively for over 50 years and still commands a place in manufacturing today.

While maintaining its original capabilities and functions, improvements and upgrades have been implemented into the remanufacturing process.

*Totally new solid state electrics,variable speed drive indexing. No clutches or trip levers.


*The main table and indexing table are reground and the slideways are rescraped.


*New coolant system


Each machine is disassembled and all parts are cleaned, inspected, repaired or replaced before painting and assembly.

Redux international is doing upgrades and retrofits to MSO machines at all levels, the most popular being the index and electrical systems.


Redux international will also rebuild your MSO heads to any extent required, either complete, just the feed control valve, re-scrape the ways or replace the spindle bearings.


Most repair and replacement parts are in stock.